About Us

Welcome to Salty Network - your reliable partner for all your cast net needs. We are proud to present our collection of handcrafted cast nets, meticulously designed to meet the demands of the most discerning fisherman.

Our top-tier product, the "Barracuda Black Hole," represents the epitome of high-quality fishing gear. This premium cast net is constructed by hand using six-panel construction, ensuring superior durability and performance. With unparalleled amounts of lead per foot, it guarantees excellent sink rate, enabling you to catch more efficiently.

Our entry-level model, the "Shoreline," provides excellent value without compromising quality. Like the Barracuda, it's handcrafted and utilizes the same high-quality copolymer monofilament material, providing an affordable entry point into the world of professional fishing.

Both models are made using the finest mesh quality available in the market. This, combined with our unique construction method, results in nets that feel softer, throw easier, and lie flatter than any other net. They are perfect for capturing the rapid and elusive marine creatures that thrive in saltwater.

At Salty Network, we believe in quality, durability, and excellence in design. Experience the difference with our collection of cast nets and join the ranks of fishermen who wouldn't settle for less.